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9521 Upland Dr

$ 1,745 per month
February 14, 2020

What People Say

From 2017-2020, I rented a 1BR/1BA unit in Forest Park Southeast (The Grove) owned by Ilia (GeoDom LLC). The apartment was spacious and comfortable and had a great, fenced-in backyard for our dog. Working with Ilia and Jasmina was always an excellent experience. Jasmina was extremely responsive whenever maintenance was needed, even coming in off hours when we needed it. Ilia was open to suggestions I made for improving the property, even once going so far as to get a quote from a contractor. Move out was simple and straightforward. I highly recommend renting from GeoDom
Living in the Central West End is very attractive, this apartment building is very nice and functional, the apartments are beautiful and very well equiped, just when you open the coded door it smells like home the owner keeps the place clean and neat always smelling fresh, The landlord will go the whole ``Nine yards`` to make sure his tenants are happy and all the issues that they might have will be adressed. He always puts the well been of the community above his own interests. I spent 13 moths in one of the units of the building and my wife and I lived there very, very happy!!
I rented a unit that he was managing, and took a chance on renting it without visiting in person, but I lucked out. The unit looked exactly as the pictures, and if there were any concerns after I moved in, he came by to check it out and fix it. He gave plenty of notice of any events requiring people to come in for inspections, etc. When the gas wasn't working well in the winter, he was dedicated to making sure we were taken care of. Takes very good care of the property and units and is proactive to making sure there are as few problems as possible.
I rented an apartment from Ilia's company (GeoDom LLC) from 2017 to 2019. I was selling my nearby home and needed to move out to get it market ready. The unit I rented from Ilia was exactly what I needed at the time, and working with Ilia and Jasmina could not have gone more smoothly. They were very responsive when things needed maintenance, usually sorting things out within a few days (sometimes same day). Move-out was simple and straightforward, with no issues having my full security returned to me. I highly recommend renting from them for an affordable, no-hassle experience.
My roommate and I spent the past year living at one of GeoDom's apartments. What an amazing experience. The place we rented was beautifully designed and furnished and was conveniently located in the CWE. Our experience with GeoDom was truly fantastic. I have lived in various rental properties across the US but have never encountered a landlord nearly as responsive and fair. Not even close.
I lived at 4363 Laclede Ave for 18 months. The property was clean and very well-managed. Ilia, the landlord/manager of GeoDom LLC, was honest, friendly, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He definitely went out of his way to ensure that I had a pleasant living experience. For example, I had a leaky faucet, and he had it fixed right away after I mentioned it to him. He also personally sat down with me to go over my lease and make sure that I understood all the terms before I signed it. I had a great living experience at the apartment. The only reason I left was because I was moving out of town.
Renting from GeoDom LLC was a highly positive experience due to the company's friendly staff and expertise. The initial renting process was very easy and we never had any trouble getting in touch with Ilia or Jasmina. Whenever there was a maintenance issue, they were quick to help and the issues were always resolved in a timely manner. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to a friend as a great rental company.